covid 19 DTT GroupWe are a group created by Donnybrook Tidy Towns in response to the pandemic Covid-19 virus to offer help and assistance to elderly and/or vulnerable residents in our community.

Want to help - please complete the volunteer registration form.

We can help with

- Shopping
- Dog walking
- Errands
- Prescriptions
- A chat
- etc.

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Donnybrook Tidy Towns Covid-19 Response Group

H exBelow are links to variours online exercise programmes for the mind and body:


Self care - strategies for managing wellbeing 

Minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Ann Freud



The Lotus Loft

Headspace (offer free meditation during this time)


Rain Rain App



30 Days of Yoga With Adriene - yoga classes and guided meditation classes.



Operation Transformation Exercise Plans

The Body Coach - He has lots of workout videos on his channel and is starting to stream a PE class on Monday at 9am!!

Easy Exercises - A Chair Based Programme For Older Adults

Joe Wicks Daily Work Out


Katie Taylor (Irish boxer) - a real challenge for coordination and muscular endurance (Twitter)

Harriet Dart (UK tennis player) - excellent technique for core, balance and toning exercises (Twitter)

Nick Winkleman (Head of Athletic Performance IRFU) - great sprinting and acceleration exercises

Strictly Come Dancing Challenge - 7 fun tutorials to put together a professional dance performance (BBC)

Mental Health advocates/ inspiration speakers 

You might like to follow them, listen to their podcast or read their articles

The Real Health Podcast with Karl Henry

Niall Breslin 

Sinead Burke