covid 19 DTT GroupWe are a group created by Donnybrook Tidy Towns in response to the pandemic Covid-19 virus to offer help and assistance to elderly and/or vulnerable residents in our community.

Want to help - please complete the volunteer registration form.

We can help with

- Shopping
- Dog walking
- Errands
- Prescriptions
- A chat
- etc.

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Donnybrook Tidy Towns Covid-19 Response Group

SashWe know that social distancing is important to help slow the spread of coronavirus, but that does not stop us smiling and saying Hello.

A warm greeting is a very simple and basic gift that we should be giving often, everyday, even to strangers. Making eye contact with a stranger, smiling and saying hello, is a gesture of kindness, an acknowledgment of your common humanity and can change the course of another person’s day, and your own.

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