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Creating wild pollinator nesting habitat

In order to survive and thrive, wild pollinators need safe nesting habitats. Nesting sites provide pollinators with shelter, protect them from predators and allow next year’s pollinators to grow and develop. Natural habitats suitable for wild bee nesting are not as common in the landscape as they once were.

Fortunately, creating new nesting habitats is incredibly simple, inexpensive and safe. Providing wild bees with nests on your farm, in your garden or throughout your local community is a great way to help pollinators flourish. Wild bees (bumblebees and solitary bees) nest in small colonies and are completely focused on collecting food for themselves and their young. They have no interest in interacting with humans, are not aggressive and pose no threat to the public, even while nesting.

This guideline will tell you all you need to know to create ideal nesting habitats for the wild bee species found across Ireland. You can provide homes for some of the island’s most special, gentle and beautiful bees.