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Donnybrook Tidy Towns Self-Isolate Help Response Group

We are a group created by Donnybrook Tidy Towns in response to the pandemic Covid-19 virus to offer help and assistance to elderly and/or vulnerable residents in our community. What to help – please complete the volunteer registration form.

We can help with

  • Shopping,
  • Dog Walking,
  • Errands,
  • Prescriptions
  • A Chat
  • etc.

What to help – please complete the volunteer registration form

You can contact us in complete confidence using the following methods.

When you contact us for help please use the following format. 

  • Your name, 

  • Your general street address, 

  • Your contact number, 

  • What type of help you require. 

We will then get one of our volunteers to contact you back and exchange further details with you. Payment for shopping, prescriptions etc. should be in cash, agreed in advance, and in a separate envelope.


Remember that:

  • We will phone or text you before calling to your home.
  • We will not make any unsolicited calls in the neighbourhood
  • We will not ask for your private information or banking details.
  • We will not enter into your isolated home.
  • We will take every reasonable precaution not to place you at risk.


Please do not hesitate to call upon our help to stay safe.