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Dont Leaf It To Others
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Autumn Cleanup – ‘Don’t Leaf It To Others’

Donnybrook Tidy Towns in association Dublin City Council are promoting an autumn leaf cleanup initiative “Don’t Leaf It To Others”. The initiative is to facilitate residents to help themselves and their environment, by providing them with blue bags for the gathering of leaves outside their properties and in return we will then arrange for collection of the bags when they are full.

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There are many benefits to making your own leaf mould whether you are a casual or avid gardener. 

  • It has fewer nutrients than other composts so it is perfect as potting compost for seedlings.
  • It also improves the moisture retention of soil in the garden or in containers.
  • It improves the soil condition as the coarser organic particles help create air spaces which is helps roots penetrate the soil.
  • It can also be used as mulch to help prevent the growth of weeds. 

See our article Making your own leaf mould for instructions on ways to recycle leaves by making your own leaf mould. 


Participant Guidelines and Information

  • Sweep and bag leaves on the path and gutter outside your house. Please extent the area to include outside any elderly neighbours houses on the street.

  • Do not brush or blow leaves into the street as this can be a hazard to cyclists and other traffic. Additionally, placing leaves in the street may cause problems to the drainage systems.

  • Leave filled bags beside a nearby rubbish bin if you have a large number of bags then email us at with the location and we will have them collected.

  • You can request bags, gloves, brushes or shovels by emailing us at stating your address and contact number.

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