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Pots for Pollinators SmallBy planting up a ‘pot for pollinators’ for your patio or balcony (or a window box), with pollen-rich flowers, you will provide much-needed food for our pollinating insects. 

 Sustainability Presentation March 2021How we can reduce our waste and provide for a more sustainable environment for us all.
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Go Green Sustainability Presentation March 2021 or
Stop Food Waste - Compost Booklet

NestboxWith the spring breeding season fast approaching now is the ideal time to get bird nest boxes in place in your garden. 

DonnybrookWalkingTrailDonnybrook has a wealth of history and association with sport, literature, culture and the arts and this walking trail offers you an opportunity to explore many aspects of the village. The latest version of the map was updated in 2021.

Congratulations to Director Glenda Cimino, Beaver Row Heritage Players for winning a Spotlight 2020 Silver Award for her film 'Donnybrook's Hidden Treasure'.

bird1This winter's Irish Garden Bird Survey is well underway, and will run until the end of February. We are very much looking forward to receiving and analysing all of your data from around the country.

Grey Mining Bee Andrena cineraria Lill Dunne croppedMany people have an affection for bumblebees, but most are totally unaware of the little solitary bees out there, going about their business in our gardens, parks and farms.

Jump in Puddles ChallengeTake part in our "Jump in Puddles Challenge" today. Open to all children aged 1-18 years.

Irish garden birds 2020 how long do your garden birds liveYou’re probably used to seeing a similar suite of species in your garden each year, but have you ever wondered how old the bird you’re looking at might be?