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ispcaEach year, animal rescue centres and veterinary practices around the country are inundated with animals needing attention following Halloween celebrations. Animals become terrified from the noise of bangers and fireworks going off near their homes that they are driven to extreme behaviour.

Donnybrook Spring to Life Bulb Sale 2016The 'Spring to Life' Bulb Sales for 2016, which will take place at Donnybrook Plaza Thursday 13th October at 11am

reuse monthDo you have old or unused stuff lying around the house that you don’t use anymore or find it is in the way? Most households recycle old items like furniture or broken appliances, but even so, are we really doing enough for the environment?

Culture NightAs part of Culture Night on Friday, 16th September there will be guided tours of the Royal Hospital Donnybrook's art collection will take place at 6pm and 7pm.

DonnybrookWalkingTrailDonnybrook has a wealth of history and association with sport, literature, culture and the arts and this walking trail offers you an opportunity to explore many aspects of the village. 

Donnybrook Church

A weekend of celebrations from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th August has been planned to clebrate the 150th anniversary of the Church of the Sacred Heart, Donnybrook.

National Heritage WeekThe annual celebration of Ireland’s built, natural and cultural heritage is happening from 20 – 28 August.

We need pollinators to grow many of the fruits and vegetables that make up a balanced diet. The wildflowers that provide us with colour and beauty in our landscape also need pollinators, as do many of your garden plants.

bat conservation ireland - Donnybrook Tidy TownsAs part of Bat Conservation Ireland’s Annual Daubenton’s Bat Survey , Dublin City Council wiil be hosting a Daubenton’s Bat Talk and walk in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm on July 14th.

As part of the Donnybrook Tidy Towns litter awareness campaign, we initiated and advertised an art competition for all our local primary and pre-school schools in May of this year