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As part of the Donnybrook Tidy Towns litter awareness campaign, we initiated and advertised an art competition for all our local primary and pre-school schools back in May of this year.  We were overwhelmed with the level of interest and received over 109 entries !!!. St. Mary's National School and Donnybrook Pre-School Belmont Avenue being the main contributors to the competition.  These school poster competitions are also good ways of fostering an anti litter ethos in children and adolescences, so well done all.   

The theme of the competion was "Keeping Donnybrook Tidy" and the competition was divided into 3 catagories:

  • 3-5 Years of age
  • 6-7 Age group
  • 8-10 age group


As you will see by the entries, we have some serious Leonardo De Vinci and/or David Attenboroughs in our midst.  A very public thanks to the pupils and staff of St. Mary's School, and to Margaret / Christine from Donnybrook Pre-School for helping with the collection of the art pieces and encouragment offered to thier young students. 

Due to the volume and standards of entries, it's taken us that little bit longer to whittle it down but hopefully we'll be able to announce the top 3 from each catagory in the next few days.  Also just to let you know that the winners in each catagory will have their works displayed on the Keep Donnybrook Tidy Bins dotted around the Village.  Please keep an eye out for them.  

Shortlist and Resulsts for 3-5 Years of age group

Age Category: 3-5

  • 1st Place (€25 gift card):  Jonny Costello (J12)
  • 2nd Place (€15 gift card): Tom (Donnybrook Community Playschool)
  • 3rd Place (€10 gift card):  Lauren McGrath (J12)
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-3-5-2.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-3-5-6.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-3-5-3.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-3-5-4.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-3-5-1.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-3-5-5.jpg


Shortlist and Results for 6-7 Years of age group

Age Category: 6-7

  • 1st Place (€25 gift card):  Emmeline Sheahan (1st Class)
  • 2nd Place (€15 gift card): Lizzy Cassidy (1st Class)
  • 3rd Place (€10 gift card):  Katie May Hanlon (1st Class)
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-6-7-3.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-6-7-4.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-6-7-1.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-6-7-2.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-6-7-6.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-6-7-5.jpg


Shortlist and Results for 8-10 Years of age group

Age Category: 8-10

  • 1st Place (€25 gift card):  Ava Meijer (3rd Class)
  • 2nd Place (€15 gift card): Sarah McGrath (2nd Class)
  • 3rd Place (€10 gift card):  Jamie Gaynor (2nd Class)
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-8-10-1.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-8-10-6.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-8-10-3.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-8-10-2.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-8-10-5.jpg
  • DTT-Childrens-art-competition-catagory-age-8-10-4.jpg