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We need pollinators to grow many of the fruits and vegetables that make up a balanced diet. The wildflowers that provide us with colour and beauty in our landscape also need pollinators, as do many of your garden plants.  

Most pollination in Ireland is carried out by bees. Click on the image below, to bring you to the gardeners guide (just released July 2016) on how we can help nature along as growers with handy hints and tips.  


Donnybrook Tidy Towns pollinators




How-To-Guide: Creating pollinator nesting habitat

The first in a series of How-to-guides is now available: How-to-Guide 1: Creating Wild Pollinator Nesting Habitat.  In addition to food, our bees need safe places to live. Natural habitats suitable for wild bee nesting are not as common in the landscape as they once were, but fortunately all of us can help. This How-To-Guide tells you everything you need to know to create nesting habitats for the wild bee species found across the island of Ireland. If you are thinking of buying or making a bee hotel, download this document first to make sure your nesting habitat is perfect for our bees. 


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