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Free Family Fun Day at the HIVE 1The Dodder Gathering Family Fun at The Hive Herbert Park
by The River Dodder on Saturday
April 1st 2pm till 4pm.
A Free Family Friendly Space exploring the natural wonders of the river Dodder its vibrant waters biodiversity and its historic place in the culture of the city.

Free Family Fun Day at the HIVEBirdWatch Ireland with Ricky Whelan Conservation Team will do a interactive session on identifying and recording River birds ( Kingfisher, Heron, Dippers, Grey Wagtail) using Bird Track which is an easy to use Citizen Scientist on line platform on the BirdWatch Ireland website. Information generally on Urban birds from Gulls to Brent Geese to Garden Birds and citizen science projects that the general public can become involved in.

Invasive Species Experts from INVAS BIOSECURITY will do interactive stand on Invasive Alien Species like , Japanese Knotweed, mink and how to manage them on private property.

An Taisce Clean Coasts: Get Involved with Clean Coast campaigns like the #2minutebeachclean. ‘Think Before You Flush’ gets you to think about what you throw down the toilet and drain. By making small changes in your bathroom behaviour like never using the toilet to dispose of sanitary products , cotton buds or showering with gels with micro beads you can become an everyday hero for the planet. Hear how you can get involved in protecting Ireland’s beaches, seas and marine life.

Coast watch Ireland will do a display on seashells and what lives under the mudflats of Dublin Bay and how upstream waters of the river effect the marine Biodiversity in Dublin Bay . Sign up for Coastwatch Annual Seashore Survey in September 2017 and receive training to become a citizen scientist.

DCC Parks. Learn about the best places in Dublin to see nature and wildlife with Biodiversity Officers. Information guides, Biodiversity Action Plan and Tree trail guides to take home. Hear about the internationally recognised UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere. Sign up for Conservation activities

Herpetological Society Of Ireland on Native amphibians and being PETWISE. Learn to care for non native exotic aquatic species which can become invasive if released in the wild .Touch and feel frogs and exotic pets.

Dublin Branch Irish Wild Life Trust display on native Irish Wildlife and how you can protect it

Dodder Action and Dodder Monsters Display. Meet volunteers who clean up the Dodder, who record nature and biodiversity who organise fun walk and talks and family events. See how children can make Monsters from recycled litter. Display of monsters that local schoolchildren have made as part of their learning about the river and how to protect it.

Local Authority Waters and Communities Office: Get expert advice and support on how to improve your current or proposed community activities around your local water environment. Avail of the opportunity to give your views into the Eastern River Basin Management Plan. This plan will sets out how public bodies, stakeholders and local communities can work together to protect and improve to protect and improve the water environment for the next 6 years.

Water Framework Directive Office. See close up and under the microscope fresh water insects which are a sign of good water quality. Learn what you can do at home and in school to keep our Rivers in good quality.

River Walk and Pond Dipping 10am to 11.30 am:  Join OWLS, The Children’s Nature Charity for a walk along the Dodder as we observe the bird life around the river. Then explore life under the surface of a pond. Use nets and trays to discover the creatures that lie beneath! A fun event for all the family. 

Don McEntee Talk on the Industrial History of the Dodder 11 am to 11.30 am The Hive, Seated Event:  Listen to the renowned local historian and friend of the Dodder Action group as he recreates life on the River in olden days when it was straddled by mills.

Take your Pick of a guided walk on the River and in The Park From 11 am there will be a guided walk into the park every 30 min from the Hive. Guides from Dublin City Council Park , Dodder Action and Dodder Anglers will be on hand to tell you magical tales of Irish native trees and the history of our ancient wild woods along with fishy Dodder tales and the transformation of stuff into Dodder Monsters.

Get Fishy Catches with Dodder Anglers 11 am till 1 pm: Join expert anglers to try your hand at casting out a rod and knot tying. View a fly tying demonstration and see how imitation insects are made to lure the fish to the surface. Imagine making a life like insect from feathers and bits and bobs.

Light up your face with wildlife and nature with Fiona’s Fantastic Face Painting

Sign up to Become A Dodder Defender with Dodder Action from 11 am till 1 you can join Dodder Action Volunteers to learn how to safely and creatively “ Bin the Bruscar ”

Free Family Fun Day at the HIVE 2