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walkandtalkheader'Let’s Walk & Talk'  is a fun programme of city walking activities suitable for young and old which runs throughout the year.
The programme is made up of a number of social walking groups which meet every week, and a series of specially themed historical walking tours led by local experts including acclaimed Dublin historian Pat Liddy which take place from February to October.

The social walking groups are led by a dedicated team of volunteers from the community and they are always delighted to make new walkers feel welcome. Ten weekly walks currently take place in the city including ones conducted in French, Spanish and Irish.  These walks are great way for you to stay healthy, meet people and learn a little something about our Fair City.  All tours and weekly social walks last about 90 minutes, They are all free and no advance booking is necessary.

The Summer 2017 “Let’s Walk and Talk Programme” can be downloaded from here.