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BinTheButtCigarette butts account for more than half the litter on our streets according to the Minister for Environment Denis Naughten who has published the 2017 National Litter Pollution Report.

The Report by the Department's Litter Monitoring Body reveals the extent, causes and composition of litter across the country. The main findings show that nationwide cigarette related litter accounts for over 56% of litter in our towns and communities. This is mainly made up of cigarette ends.  The Report shows an increase in the prevalence of cigarette litter on the previous year.

We are asking the people of Donnybrook to think twice about throwing their cigarette butts on the ground and see it for what it is, litter. Instead, we want smokers to make a conscious effort to bin their cigarette butt in the nearest bin or suitable container. Everyone has a role to play in this serious litter issue and we hope that we can reduce these litter statistics in the future