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Learn how to grow 12 veg in 12 weeks

There is no better feeling than putting some of your own food on the table. In this online version of ...
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Holding It Together Apart

Holding It Together Apart

'Holding It Together Apart’ is a Community Development project aimed at helping people to maintain their physical, spiritual and mental ...
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Operation Transformation Keeping Well Apart

See the Operation Transformation guide to staying well in mind & body, while staying well apart Eat Well At Home - ...
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Start a vegetable garden

Starting a vegetable garden takes more love than money, and in a time when Covid-19 is making us rethink how ...
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Exercises You Mind & Body

Below are links to variours online exercise programmes for the mind and body: Self care - strategies for managing wellbeing ...
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Learn to identify the birds in your garden

Do you know the common bird species you are most likely to see in your garden. Large gardens attract the ...
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Build a Nestbox

Though life in the village is temporarily slowing down, you’ll no doubt have noticed that the seasons continue to change ...
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Listen To A Book

Audible, an Amazon company, has cancelled its subscription for books and audio stories for children and students of all ages ...
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Smile And Say Hello

We know that social distancing is important to help slow the spread of coronavirus, but that does not stop us ...
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