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Holding It Together Apart

'Holding It Together Apart’ is a Community Development project aimed at helping people to maintain their physical, spiritual and mental well being while isolated and at home with Covid 19.

This was launched on you-tube providing classes in dance, meditation, movement and creative practice to help engage all members of families and households in staying active and calm. 

They started with a dance routine programme with professional dancer Tarik Shabani, and will have yoga exercises, gardening lessons, creative writing, make up tutorials, baking and cooking and more this week.

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Dance Music classes with Professional Dancer Tarik Shebani

Episode  / Class 1

Episode / Class 2

Episode / Class 3

Episode / Class 4

Episode / Class 5


Juggling Class with Jitterbug TV – Hugh Brown

Episode / Class 1

Episode / Class 2


Creative Writing Classes with Coach and Poet Anne Tannam

Episode / Class 1


Gardening Tips with Horticulturalist Aoife Munn

Episode  / Class 1


Sculpture Class – Create Miniature Animals with Sculptor and Set Designer Andrew Clancy

Episode / Class 1