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Stories from the Waterside

Every waterbody has a story! …and what is a waterbody? It is any place, where there is a body of water, like an estuary, lake, canal, stream, pond, wetland and even the coast. These stories can be from the past or in the present. They can be about the wildlife that lives or once lived in or around a waterbody, maybe stories about fishing, hunting or just watching nature. Stories of traditions or practices that once took place or maybe still do. Your story can involve folklore, local traditions, humourous tales or yarns associated with a waterbody. What makes this waterbody special?

The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO)  have partnered with The Heritage Council and the Heritage Officer Programme, Waterways Ireland and Inland Fisheries Ireland to look for stories about people’s favourite waterbody or interesting stories from someone you know.. Maybe that person is an uncle, aunt or grandparent who is a great storyteller. Here’s an opportunity for all the family to get involved! So why not get that story written down and enter this competition? You don’t have to be an expert writer to enter, just tell us your story or a story told to you by someone else.

The competition is open to all with €4,000 in prizes to be won. Entries are welcomed from across the Island of Ireland and entries may be submitted in either in English or Irish. Stories of 600 words or less and only original and previously unpublished stories.

Closing Date is 31st May 2020. 

For more details see Local Authority Waters Programme Website