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World Bee Day 2020


World Bee Day is May 20th.We have lots of suggestions to help you mark World Bee Day and help to create awareness of the importance of bees, which you can view and download from the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan’s dedicated web page here.

  • Share posts on social media about bees and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan – we’ve created a range of infographics you are welcome to use.
  • No May Mow – Stop cutting your lawn for the month of May to allow Clover and other important bee-friendly wildflowers to bloom
  • Share information on one pollinator-friendly action, such as reducing grasscutting or planting herbs for pollinators, using our flyers, example below.
  • Why not do a Flower-Insect Timed Count and share information about this monitoring scheme on your social media?
  • Follow All-Ireland Pollinator Plan on Twitter @PollinatorPlan or Instagram @AllIrelandPollinatorPlan
  • Ask your friends/followers to follow the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan too so that you can help create awareness of the importance of pollinators
  • Take a photograph of a bee or a wildflower and share with @pollinatorplan #AllIrelandPollinatorPlan
  • Share any of our videos or animations, which can be found here
  • On Twitter or Instagram, share a photo of yourself holding a ‘I support the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan’ sign, or any of our leaflets/guidelines documents/signs if you have them.
  • Or simply share our logo which will direct people to our website,, for more info
  • Register for this webinar here